When to use Interim Management?

Graham Price by Graham Price in Article 2020-08-18 12:24:30

You have certainly heard of Interim Management , but have you thought about using it in your situation?

An interim manager is not just another person to fill an organisational gap, he/she is a strategic instrument, who brings expertise and management experience to bear in a very timely and positive way.

The two most common situations where an interim manager is brought is are:

Covering for a temporary absence

For example, an important manager resigned his position suddenly and a suitable replacement could not be identified, at least not quickly. The directors of the company needed continuity and sound leadership immediately. The solution was to appoint an interim manager who was able to start immediately and would remain in place until a replacement was appointed.

Increasingly, particularly in markets where interim management is well established, it is used as a strategic tool, planned in advance. Experienced managers, often in teams will be called in to deliver restructuring of an organisation, introduction of new processes or to overcome the cultural challenges of merging two organisations.

Leading the implementation and delivery of a programme change

For example, when companies merge there is only one chance to make it work smoothly, but the people doing the planning often focus on financial implications and ignore human factors. Experienced interim professionals will reduce turmoil and miscommunication. Pre-planning in this case meant interim managers with exactly the right skill sets and cultural awareness were appointed.

In brief

Using an interim manager is a most effective tool for solving problems and managing organisational change. As the appointment is for a limited duration (typically from 2 weeks to 9 months), it can often be a project cost which does not count as a change in headcount. Interim managers can fill an urgent gap, bringing specialist skill sets, energy, independence and a fresh view.

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