Graham Price by Graham Price in Article 2020-10-28 08:58:38

There are many reasons why you would not want to hire an interim manager, aren’t there?

True or False: Lets take a look

1. Familiarity with the business You need a manager who understands your business and the people in it – an interim manager will still need a lengthy on boarding process.

FALSE – Interim Managers are used to picking up the reins quickly, and will focus on key issues and working with key personnel. They do not need a lengthy induction process.

2. Consultants are all mouth and no action “We have used consultants before they point out lots of problems and leave us to solve them.”

FALSE – Interim Managers are implementers who take action to solve problems, not consultants who write reports.

3. Not enough time By the time we get an interim manager on board we might as well have hired someone full time.

FALSE Interim Managers are sued to starting at very short notice and hitting the ground running. They can be in place fully operational in 48 hours.

4. IM will be a threat, spreading rumours and upsetting staff.

FALSE A good interim Manager will make it his business to understand individuals and their part in the organisation as well as addressing the problem. As they are not part of the organisation Interim managers are outside “office politics”.

5. IMs are expensive.

FALSE It’s usually more expensive to hire a full-time employee.

An interim manager is only paid for the days that they work and are fixed cost, agreed at the outset.


In fact, Interim managers are cost effective, efficient and able to implement consultants recommendations, or do their own investigations, They are able to deploy rapidly, do not stay long , and do not get involved with office politics. Employing an Interim Manager may be just what your business needs now!

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