Interim Management Professional Bodies Worldwide

Graham Price by Graham Price in Article 2020-09-03 16:55:29

If you are new to Interim Management, you may not have come across the professional bodies which represent and promote the industry. There are many, in different countries, with a heavy concentration in Europe where Interim Management is credited as beginning. Although none of these bodies are licenced to award professional qualifications, as yet, they do nevertheless provide structure, information and represent those who have chosen to make Interim Management their chosen career.

In the UK the Institute of Interim Management was launched in 2003 and is a good source of reference materials on the practice of Interim Management. The IIM also has a branch in Italy.

In Germany: DDIM, The “Dachgesellschaft Deutsches Interim Management e.V.” is Germany’s leading national platform for professional interim management. and for the associated agency services. SIM or “The Interim Managers Association of Poland” promotes executive management and high ethical standards of conduct in that country. Whilst in Southern Europe “Interim España” is the interim management association in Spain.

In the United States the Association of Interim Execs Association promotes US interim C-Level executives and across the globe in Australia, The Australasian Interim Executive Association (AIEA) represents Interim Management there.

In addition to these “professional associations”, there are groupings of Executive Search and Interim Management agencies which help place Interim Managers across the globe. is associated with the IXPA network which has 18 partners across 27 countries on 4 continents.

So Interim Management is more than an art form, it is a recognizable, professional activity with defined objectives and an evolving code of conduct. Stay tuned to to learn more.

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