How to ensure your Interim Manager Delivers

Graham Price by Graham Price in Article 2020-09-10 10:22:09

You can dramatically boost the performance of your team by employing an Interim Manager, but you need to put some things in place to make him succeed.

You need to supply a very clear brief, so that the best Interim Manager can be selected.

Having appointed your Interim Manager, agree the aims and timescales and ensure he understands the Who? and Why? as well as the What? and When?

As with any project, hold regular progress meetings.

You need to make sure the home team understand what the Interim Manager is here to do….and why. Ensure your staff understand the position is temporary and requires specific experience to solve a particular problem. Explain that the staff can learn from this exercise, and they are not threatened by it.

The Interim Manger brings experience form other organisations and is not concerned with company politics or protecting his position in the organisation.

Make sure that you leave time for the proper transfer of skills and knowledge from the Interim Manager to your team at the end of the assignment.

Do not assume that your company is too small for an Interim Manager, almost every organisation will have time when an Interim Manager will make a transformational difference!

If you are an SME that but needs an injection of skills or experience in a certain area and cannot justify employing another full time staff member, consider an Interim Manager.

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